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Have You Suffered Property Damage from Water?

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Gold Star Public Adjusters are your water damage insurance claims experts. We have a great deal of experience navigating the claims process when dealing with water damage claims in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

One of the most common types of property damage is from water. Water damage insurance claims or flood damage claims are at the top of the list. Water damage is one of the most expensive repairs a homeowner or business owner may face. Damage to your home or business from water can result from storms, leaking pipes, burst pipes, toilet overflows, and other plumbing issues.

Enough water can even damage your foundation causing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Furthermore, if water damage is not dealt with quickly, mold may form and destroy the interior of the structure. It is extremely important to notify a public adjuster at the first signs of possible water damage and let them handle the water damage claim from the onset.

Water damage can happen from the following sources:

  • Burst pipes
  • Frozen pipes
  • Rain
  • Sewer lines
  • Snow and ice
  • Sump pump
  • Toilet overflows

Water damage insurance claims or flood damage claims are at the top of the list. Water damage is one of the most expensive repairs a homeowner or business owner may face. 

Water Damage from Plumbing

Damage caused by plumbing issues in your Philadelphia or New Jersey home or business include, sump pump failures, toilet overflows, bursts or leaking pipes, and sewer lines. Are these damages covered by homeowners or business policies? It depends on the type of insurance policy you currently have.

Let the experts at Gold Star Public Adjusters determine whether these plumbing issues and resulting damage to your home or business property are covered.

When dealing with plumbing issues that result in water damage insurance claims, quick action is needed to stop the damage to your property and contain the water! Water can quickly damage your property and personal property very fast! Your major priority is to minimize the damage and stop the leak. A local licensed plumber may be needed to properly make the repairs before heavy damage occurs.

Next, try cleaning and drying the water damage as soon as possible. Additionally, calling a restoration company may provide the best water mitigation service. After remediating the damage, a general contractor may be needed to perform the repairs and get your property back to its original condition.

During the water damage insurance claims repairs process, some additional code upgrade related repairs may be needed. Most insurance policies have code upgrade coverage options. This added coverage can be important, especially for older structures.

File Your Water Damage Claim Immediately

Gold Star Public Adjusters recommends contacting a licensed public adjuster before you make a call to your insurance company regarding your water damage insurance claim. When directly talking with your insurance company, make sure you provide details of the water damage event, including the date of the initial damage, specific water damage location, a list of damaged items, and overall general condition of your home.

The water damage insurance claims process can sometimes be long and tedious. Therefore, it is important to hire a public adjuster to handle all aspects of your water damage claim from the beginning. Even if you are in contact with your insurance company, you may still need to take on some initial expenses yourself.

The expenses you may incur immediately after a water damage insurance claim can included temporary housing and even relocation. Therefore, it’s very important to contact us as soon as water damage occurs to your property. Gold Star Public Adjusters Public Adjusters will minimize your expenses and request immediate compensation from your insurance company to maintain your lifestyle.

Gold Star Public Adjusters recommends contacting a public adjuster before you contact your insurance company regarding your water damage claim. When communicating with your current insurance company, be ready to provide details of the water damage event. Details may include the date of the incident, location of the water damage, and a list of all damaged items and their current condition. 

Why Choose Gold Star for Your Claim?

We can handle new water damage claims, pending claims or rejected claims. We are Public Adjusters that represent and work for you and not the insurance company.


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We handle all types of property damage claims including:

When you have any type of damage to your Philadelphia or New Jersey property, make sure you contact Gold Star Public Adjusters before you contact your insurance company.

Our insurance claims services include the following

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Have You Suffered Property Damage from Water?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most public adjusters offer a free consultation which may include a visit to the site of a property loss to determine whether they will represent you regarding your property damage claim. However, public adjusters do charge a fee for collaborating with a policyholder to file a claim on their behalf.

Often, adjusters will charge a percentage of whatever a policyholder’s insurance carrier pays for a claim. (Settlement).

The fee % varies between adjusters and is usually set by local or state laws.

Navigating the insurance claim process is often a complex and time-consuming process. Public adjusters are experts in navigating the insurance claims process, negotiating with insurance carriers, and maximizing the final insurance claim settlement. 

Hiring a public adjuster assures that a claim will receive the proper handling in a timely manner and prevents the insurance company from underpaying or even denying the claim.

It is especially important you hire a public adjuster as soon as a claim occurs. The earlier a public adjuster gets involved in the claims process the better. 

Public adjusters work with insurance carriers to document the property damage and help you understand what coverage you currently have in place and the amount of settlement you deserve for the property damage claim.

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