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Have You Suffered Property Damage from Vandalism?

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When your Philadelphia or New Jersey property is vandalized, the vandalism damage must be confirmed by local police reports. These official vandalism damage reports are examined by the insurance company to verify vandalism damage insurance claims. It is vital that a police report be filed as soon as possible after the vandalism incident. The homeowner should also call in a public adjuster to make sure the report is accurate, detailed, and well documented.

Some insurance policies are very specific about vandalism damage insurance claims. In some cases, the vandalism damage may occur during a single one-time incident. However, different types of insurance coverage, policy limitations or exclusions may apply to the damage.

Detailed and accurate documentation of your home and/or personal property is important when filing vandalism damage claims, especially, if the incident involved theft of your own personal property. The insurance company will require the policyholder to provide detailed information. This information may be from a receipt, image, or other documents relevant to your damage claim.

After your insurance company receives notice of a theft and / or vandalism damage claim, they may ask you some of the following questions:

  • What exact date and time did the vandalism occur?
  • Was a police reports filed?
  • Do you have a police report number?
  • Can proof be provided about these items?
  • What is the value of each item being claimed?
  • Was there any related property damage?
  • Have you previously filed vandalism damage insurance claims?
  • Did the policyholder own the items that were vandalized or stolen?

It is vital that a police report be filed as soon as possible after the vandalism incident. 

Working with a Public Adjuster for Vandalism Damage Claims

Public adjusters or loss adjusters are hired by commercial or residential property owners to represent them regarding their vandalism damage insurance claims with their current insurance provider. Our main priority is to get you paid every single dollar you are owed under your current insurance policy. There are no upfront fees to use our public adjusting services and we will work hard to secure you a maximum settlement for your claim.

We work on a contingency basis and our fees are based solely on a percentage of the insurance claim payments we secure from your insurance company.

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We can handle your new claim, pending claim or rejected claim. We are Public Adjusters that represent and work for you and not the insurance company.


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We handle all types of property damage claims including:

We are experts in Philadelphia and New Jersey vandalism damage insurance claims but also deal with several other types of insurance claims. When you have any type of damage to your property, make sure you contact Gold Star Public Adjusters before you contact your insurance company.

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Have You Suffered Property Damage from Vandalism ?

Let us get you the money you deserve, MAXIMUM SETTLEMENTS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most public adjusters offer a free consultation which may include a visit to the site of a property loss to determine whether they will represent you regarding your property damage claim. However, public adjusters do charge a fee for collaborating with a policyholder to file a claim on their behalf.

Often, adjusters will charge a percentage of whatever a policyholder’s insurance carrier pays for a claim. (Settlement).

The fee % varies between adjusters and is usually set by local or state laws.

Navigating the insurance claim process for vandalism damage insurance claims and other types of claims is often a complex and time-consuming process. Public adjusters are experts in navigating the insurance claims process, negotiating with insurance carriers, and maximizing the final insurance claim settlement. 

Hiring a public adjuster assures that a claim will receive the proper handling in a timely manner and prevents the insurance company from underpaying or even denying the claim.

Hiring Gold Star Public Adjusters is a smart choice, we  have many years experience in vandalism damage insurance claims so give us a call for a free consultation.

It is especially important you hire a public adjuster as soon as a claim occurs. The earlier a public adjuster gets involved in the claims process the better. 

Public adjusters work with insurance carriers to document the property damage and help you understand what coverage you currently have in place and the amount of settlement you deserve for the property damage claim.

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