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Storm Damage Insurance ClaimsStorm damage claims in Philadelphia, Pa, and New Jersey

Have You Suffered Property Damage from Storms?

Let us get you the money you deserve, MAXIMUM SETTLEMENTS!

Property damage from storms; including snow and ice, can occur at any time. The recovery process can sometimes be overwhelming and nearly impossible to navigate after such an extreme event. Properly documenting the damage, while submitting storm damage insurance claims effectively to the insurance company is a job for which most homeowners have neither the time nor the expertise. 

Gold Star Public Adjusters will make sure your home or business property is restored to its pre-loss condition. Our public adjusters understand the insurance industry and how insurance companies examine certain damage claims. We will make sure that the estimate for the storm damage claim is backed by detailed documentation.

Gold Star Public Adjusters are experienced Philadelphia and New Jersey residential and business storm damage insurance claims adjusters and can help relieve the stress of handling the claim on your own.  

File Your Storm Damage Claim Immediately

Gold Star Public Adjusters recommends contacting a licensed public adjuster before you make a call to your insurance company regarding your storm damage insurance claims. When directly talking with your insurance company, make sure you provide details of the storm damage event, including the date of the initial damage, specific damage location, a list of damaged items, and overall general condition of your home.

The storm damage insurance claims process can sometimes be long and tedious. Therefore, it is important to hire a public adjuster to handle all aspects of your storm damage claim from the beginning. Even if you are in contact with your insurance company, you may still need to take on some initial expenses yourself.

The expenses you may incur immediately after a storm damage claim can included temporary housing and even relocation. Therefore, it’s very important to contact us as soon as storm damage occurs to your property. Gold Star Public Adjusters will minimize your expenses and request immediate compensation from your insurance company to maintain your lifestyle.

How to prepare your property for Storms

There are specific areas of your Philadelphia and New Jersey residential properties that are more prone to wind and severe storm damage than other areas, such as your home’s roofing, windows, siding, porches, doors, and other areas. In order to prevent storms from damaging parts of your home, you should take the following actions:

  • Secure all outdoor furniture 
  • Secure plywood over your windows
  • Trim your trees and bushes
  • Install a reinforced garage door
  • Install Impact resistant storm shingles

If you do suffer damage from a storm, let our Philadelphia and New Jersey storm damage insurance claims specialists handle your claim from the onset, call us at (215) 906-1963 and ask for a free storm damage insurance claim consultation.

Working with a Public Adjuster for Storm Damage Insurance Claims.

Public adjusters or loss adjusters are hired by commercial or residential property owners to represent them regarding their storm damage insurance claims with their current insurance provider. 

Gold Star Public Adjusters has a great deal of experience dealing with storm damage claims that include damages from wind, hail, snow, ice and water.

Our main priority is to get you paid every single dollar you are owed under your current insurance policy. There are no upfront fees to use our public adjusting services and we will work hard to secure you a maximum settlement for your claim.

What we will do for you regarding your storm damage insurance claim
  • We will represent you and deal with the insurance company regarding your storm damage insurance claims.
  • We will Identify and document the storm damage, both obvious and hidden.
  • We can even offer business interruption insurance that will help your business survive and thrive.
  • We will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company
  • We will secure the maximum settlement possible for your damages.

Why Choose Gold Star for Your Claim?

We can handle your new claim, pending claim or rejected claim. We are Public Adjusters that represent and work for you and not the insurance company.


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  • We are experts in storm damage insurance claims
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Licensed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and  New Jersey
  • Highest insurance claim settlements
  • We have many years of public adjusting experience
  • Our public adjusters are licensed and bonded
  • We understand all aspects of the claims process
  • Free Consultation
  • Open 24 hours

We handle all types of property damage claims including:

When you have any type of damage to your Philadelphia or New Jersey property, make sure you contact Gold Star Public Adjusters before you contact your insurance company.

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Have You Suffered Property Damage from Storms?

Let us get you the money you deserve, MAXIMUM SETTLEMENTS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance companies mobilize many independent adjusters after storms. Most of these adjusters are very inexperienced and have a priority of getting as many claims filed as possible, most of these claims contain inaccurate documentation, adding more time to submit the claim.

Hiring your own storm damage insurance adjuster, AKA, a public adjuster, will greatly speed up the claim process and will ensure you receive the maximum payment for your storm damage.

Most public adjusters offer a free consultation which may include a visit to the site of a property loss to determine whether they will represent you regarding your property damage claim. However, public adjusters do charge a fee for collaborating with a policyholder to file a claim on their behalf.

Often, adjusters will charge a percentage of whatever a policyholder’s insurance carrier pays for a claim. (Settlement).

The fee % varies between adjusters and is usually set by local or state laws.

Navigating the insurance claim process is often a complex and time-consuming process. Public adjusters are experts in navigating the insurance claims process, negotiating with insurance carriers, and maximizing the final insurance claim settlement. 

Hiring a public adjuster assures that a claim will receive the proper handling in a timely manner and prevents the insurance company from underpaying or even denying the claim.

It is especially important you hire a public adjuster as soon as a claim occurs. The earlier a public adjuster gets involved in the claims process the better. 

Public adjusters work with insurance carriers to document the property damage and help you understand what coverage you currently have in place and the amount of settlement you deserve for the property damage claim.

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